A wide range of hotels are available for temporary stays upon arrival in New Zealand. A New Zealand hotel is defined as having inside access, private rooms, and daily cleaning service. It is always best to make reservations in advance, and during the peak tourist season, it is essential. Finding a reasonable place to stay without a reservation can be challenging if not impossible. Although most reservations can be made with a week's notice, be sure to check ahead for any major festivals or events as it will be more difficult to reserve rooms during these times.

Another temporary accommodation option is the bed-and-breakfast. Rooms are located in private homes or locally-run establishments, and the cost includes your won room and a generous breakfast. Many rooms do not have private toilets and baths. Bed-and-breakfast accommodation comes in a variety of forms; it can be in a heritage home, modern townhouse, rural farmhouse, or seaside home. Most establishments are registered with a professional association, and are a great way to meet local people.


Accommodation - Long Term

1. Institution Provided Accommodation: Homestay

Many  New Zealand  families welcome international students. This may be an effective way for you to improve your English, learn about daily life in New Zealand, and meet new, friendly people. Homestays also offer a more stable and secure environment for younger people coming to study in New Zealand. Typically, a Homestay consists of a New Zealand family hosting a student in their home while the student attends classes in New Zealand. Meals and a private furnished room are provided in the home, and the host family welcomes and encourages participation in family and community activities.

Homestays are arranged by the school and students are matched with families who share similar interests. Amenities and location vary from home to home, but preferences can and should be indicated to the school so that a suitable match may be found. Many schools can arrange for a school representative or Homestay family to meet you at the airport when you arrive.

Prices will vary according to location, and some Homestay services will charge an initial placement fee of up to $150 NZD. Average cost of Homestay accommodation: $1000 - $1300NZD per month.

2. Off-Campus Housing: Renting

Renting is an option open to students, but price, quality and availability vary greatly. Rents are often quite high in the major cities, andplaces are not always available. Many students share accommodation to keep costs down and usually find places to meet their needsand preferences. Many schools offer an off-campus housing service, which can provide affordable listings that are near the campus.At this service centre, those seeking shared accommodations can also find roommates. Once on campus, you will often find a varietyof postings throughout the campus advertising nearby housing, but it is always best to make arrangements before coming to New Zealand.