English Language Students:

Most English Language Institutes include accommodation in their fees and have it arranged for the student upon arrival, often with a host family.

Host Families
Most English language students visiting Ireland stay with Irish host families. This gives a perfect opportunity to integrate fully into Irish life, while enjoying the friendliness, warmth and sincerity for which Ireland is renowed. The informal atmosphere of family life also helps greatly in absorbing the language in everyday situations.

Students are placed with host families in safe residential areas. Student guests are treated as one of the family and are included in family outings and social occasions. All host families are carefully selected, individually inspected and continually monitored !

Residential School Accommodation
Residential school accommodation is another form of accommodation for English language students. This is mostly available during the summer months, but also throughout the year in some schools. Residential school accommodation offers students the benefits of "student village life".

Third level students:

Third level students have a number of accommodation options available to them. Most third level institutions have on-campus student residences, often resembling small villages with on-site facilities such as shops, laundrettes, restaurants etc. Prospective students should contact the host institution for further details.

Another popular option, particularly in the main cities is self-catering rented accommodation, often shared with other students. Students opting for this kind of accommodation are advised to arrive in the country two or three weeks prior to the start of the academic year in order to secure a place in a house/apartment.

Some third-level students opt for host family accommodation. This can be a good option for those leaving home for the first time as it helps to integrate them into the local community and the Irish way of life. Students are normally provided with their own room and with morning and evening meals. Host family accommodation costs about €125- €180 per week.

All third level institutions will have an accommodation officer or advisor who can provide information for you about accommodation on, or close to your campus. The following options are also generally available:

Self Catering Accommodation
Self catering accommodation includes a large number of options from a room in a shared house to a large private apartment. While self catering accommodation can offer full independence, the prospective student should be aware that there can be significant set-up costs associated with self catering accommodation. You will be required to pay the first month's rent and a deposit in advance. The deposit is normally the same amount as the monthly rental figure. Minimum lease period is usually 1 year and if you vacate prior to this period you will be liable to pay rent for the remaining period. Please note that miscellaneous items might have to be purchased e.g. crockery, cooking utensils, bed linen etc.

On-Campus Accommodation
Most universities and a number of other colleges offer on-campus accommodation. This can range from a single, or shared room in a large apartment to a one-bedroomed apartment. Your institution of choice will be able to provide you with full details of the options on offer. 

Family Based Accommodation
Many international students, particularly in the first year, opt to choose family based accommodation. This means a private room in a family home where two meals (generally breakfast and evening meal), utility costs and laundry services are provided. Again the institution you are applying to will have lists of experienced families in the area who provide approved accommodation for international students.

Note: Most third level institutions have an Accommodation Office, a good first point of call for overseas students in their search for suitable accommodation. Accommodation can also be found through the local newspapers and estate agents in the cities.

(You should note that it is usually not possible to reserve long term accommodation in advance, as owners of properties will not hold rooms without payment of rent.)

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