Ahlan Service

The Ahlan service is provided, for a fee, by Lawand Education exclusively to help students as they make their first step in Australia.

Ahlan representatives, all Arabic speakers, are spread throughout the major Australian cities. 

Our Ahlan services include:

  • The finest treatment with our meet and greet service at the Airport.
  • Transport to accommodation
  • Introduction to place of residence - LAWAND 's Student Support Office would have already visited the place of residence for familiarization:
    • introduce to host/reception
    • how to use equipment, furniture, instruments, etc
    • ways to get to place of study
    • shops
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Advice on contacting cultural office in Canberra to initiate living allowance
  • Advice and assistance with health insurance, if required
  • Assistance with finding a car, if required
  • Assistance with Customs clearance, if required
  • Assistance with completing a driver's licence application
  • Provision of a mobile phone card and plan.  Assist with activation
  • Provision of broadband modem and plan.  Assist with activation
  • Provision of landline phone card.  Assist with activation
  • Assistance with meeting student services at university/college to obtain a student card, etc; explain privileges available to international students (need to identify them, e.g. discount transport, entry to movies, gyms, etc)
  • Introduction to relevant student groups/clubs
  • Advice on public transport and assist with buying a weekly/term transport ticket
  • Useful brochures : bus/train timetable, restaurants home delivery, special vouchers(eg discount vouchers for students)
  • Advice on schooling for students' children
  • Ongoing assistance as required, with particular advice on changing institutions, extending enrolment, etc