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Biswanath Dutta - Karnataka, India

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I, Biswanath Dutta, a post graduate admit of Macquarie Graduate School of Management started my journey last November 2016 with Lawand Education in Bangalore, India. From the very starting I am fully mentored by my counselor Saritha Madame. At first my preference and eligibility have been checked and after finding a suitable fit, I they have suggested me MGSM, which is the best for MBA in Australia and also 47th in the World. Then starting from my application, to my Statement of Purpose and all other do's and don'ts have been told to me by Lawand Education. Getting these vital tips helped my write a robust Statement of Purpose and which paved the way for my selection in MGSM.  Whereas other educational consulting solutions stops once the candidate gets his or her desired institute, Lawand education went further and helped me getting my student VISA by facilitating all paperwork and guidance which assisted me securing an Australian Visa. All in all, starting my selection in my dream institute to facilitating my departure to Australia, Lawand Education proved to be a ready reckoner for education journey for any aspiring candidate. I therefore fully endorse and recommend Lawand Education for a pathway to achieving a dream education.