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Tips to Students

1. Know the basics - Learn the Language

Learn to speak conversational English before you come to Australia to study at uni. This is important not only to ensure you understand what you are learning, but because you are living in a foreign country and it can be hard enough to find your way around without not knowing how to ask for help.

 IELTS Preparation Tips

 2. Be independent

Make sure you are comfortable doing independent study and research. In my first lecture here, our teacher told us that he wouldn't spoon feed us information and that we would be responsible for our own learning. This can come as quite a shock to many international students who are used to more traditional teaching methods.

3. Arrange accommodation

Make sure you have accommodation before you come to Australia to study. I didn't, and finding last-minute accommodation in Toowoomba was a challenge. I had to spend my first week in Australia travelling from Brisbane to Toowoomba, which was very expensive! For Australia try www.realestate.com.au  to find rental properties.

4. Secure a source of income

Try to arrange a job so that as soon as you arrive in Australia to start studying you can also start earning to support yourself. Australia is an expensive country to live in. As an international student on a visa, you can only work 20 hours a week, but in order to support yourself, for example, you can work 9pm-1am restocking shelves in a hardware store. www.seek.com.au is a good website in Australia for assist in finding work. If you do intend to work in Australia, you will have to have a Tax File Number - you can apply for this once you have your student visa by using this link . Once you have a TFN, it is a good idea to set up a MYGOV account (www.my.gov.au) which you can link to the ATO and this enables you to complete any tax lodgements necessary.