What we do

Lawand Education offers the full range of services to assist the aspiring student with their education journey

  • analysis of the student's requirements
  • advice on suitable pathway
  • selection of a matching institution
  • application and issuance of offer
  • conversion of offer to Confirmation of Enrolment
  • assistance with visa application, and all the pre-departure needs
  • optionally, arrange for arrival services
  • onshore assistance through our network of branches


Lawand Education is bound by its mission statement of offering the most complete, appropriate product and the best possible service, to the students and their sponsors alike.  Lawand Education is guided by its core objective of being "with you from beginning to end" and aims to be the preferred Education Agency in its market.

Lawand Education also supports its supplier partners, the Universities and other education institutions, by offering its expertise of and networks in, the markets. The breadth of Lawand Education helps to create wider and more diverse learning opportunities for clients from the business and education sectors in the Arab Region.

Lawand Education has dealings with universities, technical colleges, technology producers, research councils, international educational project managers, and educational publishers. Our business associates include legal firms, financial and industry institutes, human resource agencies, and government bodies, with whom we have formal agreements to assist in dealings with the Arab Region.