Visa Requirements

Australia Student Visa Documents Checklist


  1. Visa Application No:157A (Online Application - Lawand Education will complete for our students)
  2. Appointment of an Authorized recipient Application No: 956A
  3. Additional personal particulars information Application No: 1221
  4. Additional Information "Form10"
  5. Supplement for Student
  6. Letter of Statement for Genuine Temporary Entrant Criteria
  7. HAP ID (if applied online for Medicals before Submission of Visa Application)
  8. Photo Graph
  9. Passport copy
  10. ECOE
  11. CV (Detailed CV required)
  12. Academic Documents
  13. Work Experience Letter (If applicable) or Evidence for the gap (If applicable)
  14. Financial Documents
  15. Visa fees



Note:The document list shown above is not common for all the countries that students come from. Please contact Lawand Education for the specific required documents checklist for your country.