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Vancouver International College

Vancouver International College (VIC) is an international language institution that has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the ESL industry for over 16 years and has educated over 20,000 students.

Our friendly Student Advisors and VIC staff members are eager for students to experience our supportive student services, fun-filled activities, and student-centred, intensive academic studies in our "English Only" environment.

Our highly qualified VIC instructors have university degrees and credentials that meet the provincial and federal standards of our regulatory bodies. In addition, we hire our instructors based on their potential to encourage, support and inspire our students.




General ESL

Students improve their English in classes covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Special attention is given to improving pronunciation, building vocabulary, and understanding grammar. Skills are developed through focus on a variety of current topics and are tested weekly.

Medical English

Welcome to the Canadian Medical field! Students build their vocabulary and enhance their confidence as they prepare for effective English communication in the medical field. This course addresses both spoken and written language skills for formal and casual situations.

VIC Plus+

Students get more for free from VIC. Free elective classes from 3:45-5:00pm are available to all full-time VIC students. Students can choose from a variety of engaging topics such as Movie & TV English, Survival English, Canadian Slang, Coffee & Conversation, and more.


Speaking Electives

Students develop their English speaking abilities at VIC through specialized courses that focus on practical skills such as pronunciation, grammatical accuracy, and everyday communication in both formal and casual settings. Weekly speaking tests assess students'  ability to use the newly acquired language and tracks their improvements in a safe and comfortable environment.

English for Children & Families
Discover English as a family with students ages 6-14 studying in engaging children's ESL classes, while parents study in regular VIC classes. Available all day, children's classes focus on academic ESL in the morning, and interactive projects, presentations, and field trips that follow Canadian school curriculum themes and topics in afternoon classes.