• You enjoy the idea of running your own business
  • You have the drive and desire to be successful
  • You have a passion for international education
  • You are a team player
  • You enjoy interaction with people


If you answered yes to all the above, Please email for more information.



Why Lawand Education ?

  • LE's franchise has low start up : typically, the start up costs are > $250k for retail, $50-60k for services.  LE's start up costs are about $10k, depending on how much you want to spend on your office infrastructure
  • International Education is a clean, exciting industry - you get to deal with highly motivated and talented people who have high aspirations, and your role is to facilitate and expedite these aspirations and dreams
  • There is no weekend work, just normal office hours i.e. good balance of work & social time, unlike retail or other physical services
  • You will have excellent support, training, and mentoring, and network
  • We take away unwanted tasks, such as invoicing and accounts receivable, product development, backoffice tasks (such as application processing, etc), optionally also bookkeeping. So you only have to focus on driving business through the door
  • You will join an established brand, sales & marketing, training, accounting & admin, support, etc.



Tips to consider

  • Don't underestimate costs & capital.  Runway and plane taking off : the runway is the liquid capital until it is self-sustaining and gets off the ground
  • Double the estimate of the liquid capital required - don't underestimate the funding you will need (runway example)
  • Sales and marketing is the lifeblood of any business.  Franchisee can provide some local level S&M, but it has to be communicated and approved by LE before its implementation
  • This opportunity will suit someone who likes dealing with people, has good sales skills, and is committed and profit-driven
  • Honestly evaluate that this opportunity matches your skills, experience, goals, and personality
  • make sure you have a passion for business - don't just follow your passion (eg golfer)buy a franchise and expect to work hard - don't think buying a franchise is going to make it easy
  • think twice if you lack sales & marketing experience, and create a strategy to fill the gap
  • "in business for yourself, but not by yourself"



 Advantages of Franchising:

   •     Known set-up costs

   •     Cash flow lending available from some banks

   •     Access to existing brand and operating systems

   •     Franchisor brand and support can reduce chances of business failure

   •     Customer awareness of brand, its products and services

   •     Centrally organised marketing and brand promotions

   •     Training in the operation of the business provided

   •     Ongoing advice, guidance and support from franchisor

   •     Advice & support from fellow franchisees

   •     Franchisor establishes supply chain for network